Effective April 1, 2017, prices for some of our services will change as detailed in the schedule below.


One Time Charges for Installation and ActivationOld PriceCurrent Price
Installation$49.95No Change
Additional Outlet - Seperate trip$49.95No Change
Additional Outlet - Same trip$19.95No Change
Wall Fish$40.00No Change
Service Call Charge$49.95No Change
Collection Fee$30.00No Change
Monthly Equipment and Service PlansOld PriceCurrent Price
DTA$1.99No Change
MR.DVR (Whole-Home DVR)Call for PricingCall for Pricing
HD-DVR$18.95No Change
HD-DVR with Bundled Package$13.95No Change
HD Converter$8.95No Change
Digital Converter$6.95No Change
Cable Modem or eMTA$5.95No Change
Wireless Cable Modem or eMTA$8.95No Change
Premium Dual-channel modem$9.95No Change
Service Protection Plan$2.95$5.00
Residential Single ServicesOld PriceCurrent Price
Basic Cable$22.95$28.60
Digital Cable$65.05$70.70
Digital Plus$81.05$86.70
BasicFAST Internet$49.70$50.70
ExpressFAST Internet$59.70$60.70
UltraFAST Internet$71.40$72.40
EXTREME Internet$99.95$100.95
Digital Home Phone Service$45.95No Change
Additional Home Phone Line$20.95No Change
Residential Bundled ServicesOld PriceCurrent Price
BasicFAST Internet + Home Phone$91.40$92.40
ExpressFAST Internet + Home Phone$100.40$101.40
UltraFAST Internet + Home Phone$111.40$112.40
EXTREME Internet + Home Phone$139.95$140.95
Basic Cable + BasicFAST Internet$71.00$77.65
Basic Cable + ExpressFAST Internet$81.00$87.65
Basic Cable + UltraFAST Internet$91.00$97.65
Basic Cable + EXTREME Internet$115.00$121.65
Basic Cable + Home Phone$68.90$74.55
Digital Cable + BasicFAST Internet$110.40$117.05
Digital Cable + ExpressFAST Internet$119.40$126.05
Digital Cable + UltraFAST Internet$130.70$137.35
Digital Cable + EXTREME Internet$149.95$156.60
Digital Cable + Home Phone$108.25$113.90
Digital Plus + BasicFAST Internet$119.70$126.35
Digital Plus + ExpressFAST Internet$129.20$135.85
Digital Plus + UltraFAST Internet$140.70$147.35
Digital Plus + EXTREME Internet$160.95$167.60
Digital Plus + Home Phone$117.55$123.20
Basic Cable + BasicFAST Internet + Home Phone$111.00$117.65
Basic Cable + ExpressFAST Internet + Home Phone$117.07$123.72
Basic Cable + UltraFAST Internet + Home Phone$134.35$141.00
Basic Cable + EXTREME Internet + Home Phone$160.00$166.65
Digital Cable + BasicFAST Internet + Home Phone$148.80$155.45
Digital Cable + ExpressFAST Internet + Home Phone$153.80$160.45
Digital Cable + UltraFAST Internet + Home Phone$165.10$171.75
Digital Cable + EXTREME Internet + Home Phone$180.00$186.65
Digital Plus + BasicFAST Internet + Home Phone$152.80$159.45
Digital Plus + ExpressFAST Internet + Home Phone$158.80$165.45
Digital Plus + UltraFAST Internet + Home Phone$171.10$177.75
Digital Plus + EXTREME Internet + Home Phone$190.00$196.65
HD and Premium ServicesOld PriceCurrent Price
HD Plus$4.95No Change
HBO$16.95No Change
Cinemax$16.95No Change
Starz/Encore$15.95No Change
Showtime/TMC$15.95No Change
HBO and Cinemax$29.95No Change
Starz/Encore and Showtime/TMC$26.95No Change
HBO, Cinemax, Starz/Encore, Showtime/TMC$56.95No Change

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