A Simple Goal

NuLink provides cable television service with one simple goal: to offer every customer the very best TV experience possible. That means delivering all the shows you enjoy at a value that makes sense to your family. Big programming networks that supply those shows to NuLink often have other priorities.

What's the Problem?

Today, just six multi-billion-dollar corporations own or control about 90% of existing TV networks and their programs. These big media conglomerates often wield their tremendous power to entitle themselves at your family’s expense. Many of these network owners also happen to be cable operators and they’re among NuLink’s biggest competitors.

At times, their interests may not be in line with yours. They may demand fee increases that are double, triple, or even more for the same programs and experience. Other cable and satellite companies are faced with the same challenges. And when NuLink or other video providers try to defend you, networks often threaten to stop providing their content. In many cases across the country, they have walked away – permanently, or until their demands were met.

On Your Side

As an independent cable company, NuLink has no conflicting interests or ownership connections with any programmers. We focus exclusively on what’s best for our customers. That’s why we do everything possible to convince network owners to keep their prices reasonable.

NuLink is not a monopoly. We know you have a number of other cable providers to choose from and we appreciate your choosing us.

The Cost of Service

When you pay your monthly bill with NuLink, you’re essentially paying for two kinds of services. The first one represents the cost of maintaining and improving NuLink's physical network. That includes everything from installing and maintaining technical facilities, paying employees to answer your call and come to your home to resolve problems, to normal operating expenses common to every business, like paying the electric bill and our taxes. NuLink works hard to keep these costs under control, and we operate more efficiently than many cable companies.

The second “service” you pay for is to cover the fees programmers charge for their channels. Today, about 45 cents of every dollar of your monthly bill for cable television goes to the programmers whose channels we carry. It takes money to produce quality programming, and reasonable increases are a fact of life. But recently, some programmers have demanded huge increases for certain networks, doubling or tripling their fees, or even more. To get these excessive price hikes, some programmers are willing to remove their networks from your channel line-up. NuLink does everything possible to prevent that from happening.


Why is this rate increase taking place?

We know you have a choice of cable providers and we appreciate your loyalty. Every year, networks dramatically increase the fees they charge all providers to carry your favorite channels. As a result, we now find ourselves in the difficult position of needing to adjust rates. We work as hard as we can to keep these costs under control while still providing our customers with the best services at the best possible price.

Why does my bill go up every year?

Each year, the licensing fees we are charged by the networks to deliver our customers their favorite broadcast and cable programming continue to rise dramatically which is why you may see an increase.

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