We are excited to announce the upgrade of our Cable TV network to an all-digital platform!

After many months of planning, we will soon be transitioning from an analog signal to an all-digital feed.  

What does NuLink’s Digital Transition mean to you?  You’ll enjoy the benefits of a new, advanced network with state-of-the-art technology and capabilities, such as:

  • 100+ crystal-clear HD channels
  • Thousands of hours of new HD & SD Video On Demand programming
  • More equipment choices, including a multi-room DVR
  • Ability to remotely program your DVR
  • Plus, many more great features!  
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Additional Channels

You requested more and we listened!  With the all-digital platform comes 100+ HD channels and programming.  New Channel Guide coming soon!

When will these network enhancements go into effect?

Our Network Enhancement Team is hard at work on this effort.  We are working to complete this process, and anticipate finalizing the transition this fall.  We will be sending you more information soon regarding important dates related to the Digital Transition! 


What do I need to do to take advantage of these changes?

The good news is, most NuLink Cable TV customers will not need additional equipment to take advantage of these network enhancements.  If you have a digital television or a digital set-top receiver, you're all set!  NuLink Cable TV customers without a set-top receiver may need a small piece of equipment called a Digital-to-Analog Adapter (DTA)*.  The DTA will enable you to receive the all-digital feed and programming over Channel 20. 

In the coming weeks, we will be sending important information that will enable you to take advantage of all of the new features that will be available to you. 

Ready for the next steps?  Download the Digital Compatibility Guide and get started! 

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* Actual equipment may vary.

Want more information as it becomes available? 

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