NuLink MR. DVR

One DVR for the whole house!

Our brand new Multi-Room DVR is easy to use and gives you ultimate control of your home entertainment with the ability to record and watch up to five programs at once!

When you're ready to watch your favorite programming, you can start watching in one room and pick it up in another MR. DVR ready room!

Our mobile apps for iOS and Android devices make it easy to schedule and manage your recordings from your smartphone or tablet!

Plus, with our additional Media Streamer equipment, you can watch any of your recordings or live TV on your computer, smartphone or tablet anywhere you have Internet access.



Full Home Control

Watch what you want, when you want... where you want!  Start a show in your living room and pick it up where you left off in your bedroom! 

All of your family's favorite programming accessible from anywhere in the house or on the go!

  • Supports up to 15 TVs per household
  • Record and watch 5 programs simultaneously
  • Store up to 1,500 hours of programming*
  • Expanded, detailed search options
  • Free iOS and Android apps to remotely control your MR. DVR and schedule recordings
  • Ability to stream recorded or live programming via Media Streamer technology
  • Expansive Parental Controls
  • Advanced remote with integrated  full keyboard and RF control*
  • Convenient, on-screen Caller ID with your NuLink Home Phone*
  • Blazing fast WiFi through a built-in wireless modem*
  • MR. DVR User Guide
  • Remote Control Manual


On-Screen Channel Guide

The convenient, user-friendly on-screen guide allows you to view current and upcoming programming, schedule recordings, and set your controls - even when you're watching a program.



Searching Capabilities

Find your favorite programming in no time with the MR. DVR's in-depth searching capabilities by title, genre, channel, time, HD or SD.




Don't miss any of your favorite information!  With the MR. DVR's SuperTicker, customize your view of weather, stocks, news, sports stories and more without missing a single minute of your favorite program.



Parental Controls

Parental Controls gives you full access to what your children are able to watch - either live or recorded.  With a 4-digit pin number, you can lock specific channels, ratings, programming and more to limit your children's access. 


*Media Gateway and Media Player required on each television for MR. DVR capabilities. Storage hours may vary, depending on SD or HD recordings. Customer must subscribe to NuLink Digital Home Phone for Caller ID features. Streaming capabilities require additional equipment. Customer must subscribe to NuLink High Speed Internet for built-in-wireless features.