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HBO GO and MAX GO is available for all Cable TV customers with an HBO and/or Cinemax subscription.  Visit to get started.


Effective February 29, 2016, H2 has changed to Viceland on Channel 152.


    Effective January 12, 2016, ABC Family has changed its name to Freeform on Channel 42 and 853.


NuLink offers Retransmission Consent information

We want to make you aware of a potential situation that may affect your access to certain local broadcast channels. The issue involves retransmission consent fees, which are fees charged by local broadcast stations for the right to receive their signal. These fees are identified on your monthly bill as the Broadcast TV Surcharge.  Local broadcast stations include ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Univision, My Network, and CW, among others.

Retransmission Consent

The Communications Act requires that a television station give its consent to a cable system or other multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) to carry its broadcast signal. This process, which typically occurs every three years, is called "Retransmission Consent."  Television stations and cable systems, as well as satellite carriers, negotiate for this "retransmission consent," usually on a fee per subscriber basis. In some instances, if the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the broadcast station may require that the cable company stop offering the stations to their subscribers.

 Broadcast TV Station Demands

Most agreements with the large media conglomerates that own local broadcast stations are expiring at the end of 2014 and must be re-negotiated by year's end. This year, these companies are exerting their market power and are demanding much higher fees for the right to retransmit their signals. In fact, in some cases these broadcasters are demanding fees that are 2-3 times higher than current fees.

As a result, the cost increases for these broadcast stations will be substantial and will significantly impact the prices customers will pay in 2015 for video services in every region of the country, regardless of whether the customer receives video service from cable, telephone or satellite companies.

 NuLink and Retransmission Consent

NuLink’s current retransmission rate agreements with many affiliates are set to expire and certain affiliates are asking for unprecedented increases in the fees to carry their programming. Many of the local broadcasters are owned by large conglomerates, taking the retransmission consent fee decision making process out of the hands of the local affiliate. Affiliates receive free government-issued spectrum (channel space) to transmit their signal, even as they ask for higher retransmission consent rates.

NuLink is working on behalf of our customers to negotiate agreements that are fair to our customers and broadcasters alike. While broadcast affiliates demand that these agreements be negotiated confidentially, we fight for rates that we believe more closely represent the fair market value of the broadcast stations in our market while being sensitive to the impact on consumer costs. 

 We will post updates to this site as negotiations continue with local broadcast stations.

 For more information about Retransmission Consent:

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