Sun outages may be affecting your TV service.

Information Concerning Sun Outages

A sun outage is an interruption in satellite signals caused by interference from solar radiation. The interference is caused when the sun is in direct line with a communication satellite and the sun's radiation overwhelms the satellite signal.  Sun outages only impact Cable TV, they do not impact internet or phone services. 

When do they occur?

These periods of sun outage happen twice each year, once in the spring and once in the fall.   This year, sun outages are expected to occur between March 1st and March 11th from the approximate hours of 1pm to 5pm. 

How long do they last?

Interruption in Cable TV service due to sun outages can last up to approximately 20 minutes a day.

How do they affect Cable TV?

Not all channels are affected at the same time because NuLink receives channels from about 15 different satellites, all located at different geostationary positions.  However if the channel you are watching is impacted by a sun outage, you may experience tiling and interference with picture quality and sound.   This interference should clear within 15 – 20 minutes.

Spring 2016 Sun Outages

3/1/2016 1:18pm 2:06pm
3/2/2016 1:14pm 4:39pm
3/3/2016 1:13pm 4:41pm
3/4/2016 1:12pm 4:42pm
3/5/2016 1:11pm 4:42pm
3/6/2016 1:11pm 4:42pm
3/7/2016 1:11pm 4:42pm
3/8/2016 1:11pm 4:41pm
3/9/2016 1:12pm 4:40pm
3/10/2016 1:14pm 4:38pm
3/11/2016 4:33pm 4:34pm